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Running technique video analysis
Interested in understanding and learning about your running technique, and how this may be causing you to run inefficiently? Or interested in learning why you keep getting injured? Are you ‘stuck in a rut’ and cannot improve your timings?
A running technique analysis will provide you with an in depth video analysis of your run, and can answer your questions. A plan of options that can be taken will be provided during the consultation.

Kids running and movement analysis

Have you noticed that your child struggles to move, or cannot control their legs and/or hands during running? Has a coach or a physio commented on your child’s movement or running pattern? Is your child very ‘injury prone’ despite a young age?
We can analyse your child’s movement pattern as well as running technique, through our innovative movement screen and/or video analysis. We will provide feedback on the options that can be undertaken within the clinic.

VO2 max testing
Are you always struggling to find your correct heart rate training zones and just training ‘blindly’? Are you interested in learning your VO2 max?
We undertake a VO2 max test (cycling or running), and monitor oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production, whilst monitoring your heart rate. An accurate breakdown of the different heart rate training zones will be provided, along with information on how to optimise your training.

Compression boots for recovery
Are you undertaking intense training and wish your legs to be fully recovered for the next training session? Do you need to recover after a hard competition? Compression boots help to massage out the legs through flushing out the toxins from the muscles and stimulate muscle repair, enabling you to return to training with fresher legs.
We make use of high level Normatec compression recovery boots, which has various programmes, to be tailor made to your specific needs.

Movement rehabilitation for pain
Struggling with pain in your body? Neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee ankle problems? When we move incorrectly, we strain the body incorrectly, causing pain. Are you struggling to move again after a surgical procedure? We can teach you to move better and remove your pain, through an innovative movement re-patterning system, as is undertaken by ‘The Movement and Running School’ of London.

Running Injury rehabilitation (6 x 1 hour session once a week )
Are you struggling to improve your personal bests? Do you keep breaking down with injuries when you try increase your running intensity and/or mileage? Are you spending a lot of money on treatments, but still keep getting injured?  Do you want your legs to feel lighter, faster and efficient in running? Do you have a constant niggle or ache that you cannot get rid of?
Our innovative 6 week course starts with a video analysis of your running, along with a functional movement analysis. This will then lead to a 6 week fully guided running technique improvement under the watchful eye of our running technique specialist. You will be provided with a ‘before’ and ‘after’ video, along with a full report of your running technique.

Sports Injury Consultation
Struggling with a sporting injury, or require a advice in relation to a sporting problem. Our sports and exercise medicine specialist is here to help you through listening to you, undertaking a thorough examination (which may include video), and providing advice on management options for your query.

Exercise Induced asthma testing
Struggling with breathing problems during or after exercise? Are you concerned that you may have exercise induced asthma or other related breathing disorders? Lung function testing is carried out pre and post exercise, with a full interpretation of results is provided. Further guidance on management is also given after the testing is complete.

Movement skills for children 10 x 1 hour session once a week
Does your child struggle with movement, co-ordination or  generally moving adequately in their sport. These are often due to developmental delays and/or dyspraxia. We can help your child to move better, gain confidence and get better involved in sporting activities, through teaching them how to move better.

Marathon and Half Marathon School (Various prices)
Planning out your next challenge? A marathon or half marathon? Don’t get caught out, but tackle it head on through our 20 week fully supervised training programmes. We have various levels of input, which can cover – Vo2 max testing, running video analysis, running technique guidance and rehabilitation (if indicated), fully guided individualised training programme with regular feedback. Additional support of sports psychology, sports nutrition and yoga can be included, if indicated.

Shockwave Therapy
Provides excellent outcomes for various muscle, tendon and bone injuries.

Exercise Medicine & Exercise Prescription: involves providing exercise prescriptions. This is through incorporating tailor made physical activity as part of the treatment of a medical condition.

Musculoskeletal Medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of non-surgical problems involving joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles in both an acute or chronic setting.  It also deals with osteoarthritis and similar diseases.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound with Guided Injections: Musculoskeletal ultrasound is an assessment technique that uses sound waves to create images of injured tissues, which are then transferred onto a computer. Good visualisation of the injured body part helps the physician direct guided injections into the correct location to ensure optimal treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

Joint Injections: Joints can be injected with various medications/treatments as part of a treatment & rehabilitation process. Both large and small joints can be injected, with the small joints being injected under ultrasound control to ensure optimal outcomes.

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